Welcome to Norse Ridge Ranch

Therapy. Beauty. Respect. It bears repeating, because our longhorns have brought us joy and peace on so many levels. Just spending time with them out in nature browsing gracefully across the pasture is uplifting. There is nothing better than hanging out with our girls, watching the sunset with a glass of wine as the evening sounds start to emerge.

Their intelligence, strength and ease of care are some of the myriad reasons why we respect and love our herd. Champion genetics and good nutrition have produced gentle personalities, interesting pattern and color and drop dead gorgeous horn. Many of our girls and boys will eat out of our hands and let us rub on their muzzles and the hollow of their horn set.

A little back story…

Marshall decided to purchase some Angus cows in the Spring of ’22.. After reporting this to Leslie, an avid animal lover, she replied, “Where’s the fun in that?” And “Our children and grandchildren won’t be able to interact and pet them!” Marshall agreed and quickly sold the cows.

And so, our registered longhorn adventure began. We fell in love with several after searching online and just scratching the surface of this interesting world.

We live in Dallas and make it to our ranch in Bosque County most weekends. Come and visit. You will meet some of the most beautiful, sweet creatures on the planet.

Hope to see you soon,
Leslie and Marshall Merritt